The Obligatory Intro/Welcome Blog

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! This is the obligatory intro/welcome/please read my blog blog.

So what is this travelog about and why should you read much less subscribe?  I know, I know, travelogs are a dime a dozen, but here is where mine differs – SPOC.  Yes, SPOC.  No, not Single Point of Contact, or Sydney Paralympics Organising Committee, or Single Point Orbit Calculator (useful as it may be). SPOC is what I call my family unit – Single Parent, Only Child.

There are unique advantages and challenges when traveling with children, moreso when traveling as a single parent. I want to bring to you the uniqueness of traveling as a single person (or parent) with only one child.

This blog will bring you stories, anecdotes and mishaps that we encounter while traveling.  It will also include tips and reviews and other generally useful information and photos (because I love to take photos and so does my son).

Please enjoy, read, subscribe and share with your friends and family. Comment as you like, but please keep it respectful. Welcome to SPOC travelog.